Simcity Buidit Guide

Agreed that games are modes of relaxation, but that in no way lessens the competitive spirit attached to it. While starting a game, you start off thinking that it is a good way to release you pent up energy, but with time it also becomes a medium to vent out your pent up aggression. That is when crossing the levels and winning the games fast become so important.  You might think there are some hard and fast simcity buildit cheats that one should follow to pass levels. It is nothing like that. All it requires is proper strategizing.

EA latest release SimCity Buildit too has a huge fan following worldwide.  The competition seems harsh, but like every other game, there are tactics that you can use to leave behind the rest of your rivals. You can start by raising the selling price of your items at the trade depot. Always remember that precious items will always be worth the amount. Also, keep in mind that happy people in your city pay comparatively more taxes. The happier your citizens, the more taxes they pay. Building parks and entertainment theaters near residences help build happiness levels of the citizens.

Another fascinating point to remember is to visit Daniels City often. The city has a lot of freebies to offer. Once you go there, all you have to do is click on the blue gift bubbles. Once you have got your surprise, you can gather them and sell them back at the Trade Depot. This is easy money. Spending is a necessary aspect of this game, but how you spend matters.  The bigger your city gets, the more will it be prone to traffic. To maintain that, you would also need a bigger street. All in all, it will turn out to be a huge hustle bustle. There are easier ways to deal with these. SimCity Buildit comes with an option of moving your buildings. You can try moving your buildings closer to industrial areas to some other place. This step, in turn, will also increase the face value of that particular residency.

To progress in the game, you need to look out for new deals. You have to keep notice on the coin icons that appear on the top of a few buildings. Tap on the icons to get a hold of the deal.  These deals are likely to be like barter. You will be required to give something in return for the deal. You get gold and simoleons in return. Simoleons otherwise are tough to gather, so do not miss out on such deals when you get an opportunity.

Upgrading your structure and facilities will help you increase your earnings, but for an update, you require construction materials. To get the required equipment for an upgrade, keep a tab on the icon visibility above your residencies.  This icon reveals how satisfied or dissatisfied are the people of that particular residency are. Once you complete reading them, you will have a chance in getting a special item required for the upgrade.


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