I was never a football fanatic, but when recently my friend introduced me to the latest Madden season, I couldn’t resist myself. In little or no time, I too became one of the biggest fanatics of the game. The gameplay is so exciting and engrossing that I wait every day to return from the office. The moment, I am back, I login to get going with the saga of action.  I know now that I happen to be the owner of a football franchise, and that very prospect is enough to keep me motivated.  There is the added excitement of winning XPs, and a whole lot of other rewards.

The mobile game has more than three-hundred and fifty applications, and some of the recent ones have been enhanced. I make sure that all new applications come into the use. Be it the planning of the team event, or lining up the squad; these applications are of great help. I use them for the squad building and strategizing. The fact that one of the applications gives the chance of including the real football professionals proves to be advantageous.

Consequently, I can load my squad with the stars who currently feature on the National Football League. It feels great to be the owner of a star-studded squad. After all, to compete, and take on the opponents, you need a team that is talented and powerful. I have not only competed against my rivals but also took on the challenges thrown in by my friends by using madden mobile coin hack. The Madden Mobile football game also gives you the exclusive opportunity for joining a league.

As far as playing in the league is concerned, you need to join the one that is at par with your focus. I too found a league of my choice. I also ensured that my friend joined the same.

madden nfl mobil 17

There are challenges to take on, expectations to fulfill and bars to overcome. Once you are a part of a big-time event, you can be sure to earn rewards. I too laid my hands on a fair share of rewards. Up here, while taking on the challenges of a league-based event, I learned new tricks and strategies. I made use of the special collectibles to add a touch of class to my game plan. With little or no difficulty, my team went past all obstacles and made its way to the top. As I made my way through one obstacle and the other, I added to the collection of XPs.

Previously, I knew little about strategy, and that too about how to make things work in a football league. But here again, the enhanced applications worked wonder. They provided me with clues and guidance, and as a result, I could implement some of the finest moves. The purpose is simple. You need to plan the game out in such a manner that you can get better of your opposition. This has to be your focus. Only then, you can make the most of the special collectibles. These collectibles went a long way towards boosting the energy of my players. I have learned from my experience that as long as you keep scoring goals and make your way through the different stages of the game, you are sure to be overwhelmed by a new feeling of achievement.

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